Cradle to Success Coalition

Web design
Cradle to Success Coalition


Designing a website for a non-profit organization like "Cradle to Success Coalition" involves creating a platform that effectively communicates the organization's mission, goals, and impact while also engaging visitors and encouraging support or participation. As you navigate through our digital corridors, you'll discover the heartbeat of our mission: to provide unwavering support and resources to children and families in need, nurturing them from their earliest days into thriving members of our community.

Creating a website for the "Cradle to Success Coalition" requires effective communication, meetings, collaboration, and teamwork among the project stakeholders, including developers, designers, content creators, and the organization's representatives.

At the end , we have to create portfolio for this project, which this is one of the very first project as a UX design.

Project Results

By prioritizing communication, meetings, collaboration, and teamwork throughout the website creation process, the project team can ensure that the final product meets the Cradle to Success Coalition's needs and effectively communicates its mission to visitors.